The College Graduate.


It’s a cold, crisp morning in Tennessee. The coffee pot is brewing in the hotel room and the Christmas lights from the street reflect on my sleeping family–still resting in queen sized beds, side by side.

There is a certain peacefulness and stillness in the room that comforts my heart. These quiet moments will prepare me for the excitement, liveliness, and joy soon to unfold throughout the day.  The Baccalaureate service was last night:  Graduation will be this morning.

It’s easy to reflect.

Three and a half years ago, our oldest son graduated from high school and I pensively wrote my first blog. I felt that I had a story to tell: a message of encouragement that could help other families.  I wasn’t sure exactly how to share the blog with others so I created a Facebook page. I choose a simple name–The ACT Mom– held my breath, and hit PUBLISH.

Three months later we dropped our son off at Lee University.  He was attending on a full-tuition merit-based scholarship. He went on to make new friends, travel to new countries, and discover a new major. He consistently exceeded the gpa required to keep his scholarship and took on additional responsibilities as well–Resident Advisor, Residence Life Assistant, and Big Pal/Little Pal Chaplain. Three and a half years later he is graduating early, at the top of his class.

Studying the ACT–its repeated patterns, questions, and concepts–has been the greatest opportunity of my life. This opportunity, likewise, has led to the greatest provision of my life.

And so, as my son crosses the stage this morning and walks into his next stage of life, he will do so with minimal college debt. My other two children are following close behind him.

Yet, I am not content with that. Why not bring others along too? This opportunity is available to anyone. I have no plans to slow down or stop until every student who wants to has increased his/her score so that they can attend college with minimal or no debt.

But today I am not teaching. Today I am not counseling. Today I am not studying tests.

Today I am a mother.

Today I will cheer on young men and women as they walk into tomorrow. Today I will take joy in the season as hope twinkles in the lights around me–pointing to the God who became flesh.

Today I will thank my Creator, again, for his provision for my family.

Today I will celebrate.



5 thoughts on “The College Graduate.

    1. My general suggestion is to start preparing sophomore year. I suggest students take the test during their sophomore year on one of the national test dates that allows you to order the Test Information Release (a copy of the student’s test and answer key). TIR’s are offered December, April, and June. You can start earlier if you have a great student who enjoys academic pursuits 😊


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